Technical Support

Purchase, Lease, Rent

AM Copiers, Inc. offers a full range of equipment acquisition options.  You may opt to purchase, lease or rent office equipment to satisfy your business needs and budget.

End of Lease Copier Removal

Free up space at your office and remove end of lease printing equipment.  Please contact us for rates.

Maintenance Service Contract

Optimize and reduce printer maintenance costs by placing your equipment under a maintenance service contract.

Contracts include technical support, parts and labor, and toner supplies.

In-House / Local Techinical Support

Our office has a full time in-house technician and repair shop completely setup to service your equipment when extensive repairs are required.

On-Site Office Equipment Technical Support

 AM Copiers, Inc. has a locally established dedicated team of factory trained technicians ready to provide technical support at your location.

Surveillance System

 Surveillance camera systems are the cornerstone of a good security system. As an EPCOM partner, we have a serious commitment to our clients in providing the best performing quality products, all from the newest high-tech available, to remain competitive and up to date. Secure and monitor your office or home remotely from your phone. EPCOM products undergo a strict and rigorous quality control procedure to ensure quality and performance.  

Access Control

 Access Control is a key component of today’s security systems. There is a growing need to control access to buildings and other areas within a work environment. EPCOM offers complete, reliable and scalable access control solutions.

  Control entry to your business or facility with an access control system. Secure your building or sensitive areas with specialized credentials, advanced readers, alarm systems and reporting software. 


   We offer solutions that involve the use of diverse equipment and technologies, all under the same network architecture. The design of the network is tailored to the needs of each particular company, and if the company wishes, with the possibility of its expansion in the future. We not only install and design the network, we also offer maintenance and technical support for networks, under various platforms.  


   Crexendo Cloud-Based Telephone Systems takes the greatest features of your traditional phone system and hosts them in the cloud, giving you a productive telecommunication toolset at a fraction of the cost.   Gain flexibility in your business communication with your already existing 3G, 4G and LTE connection. Take your desktop phone features on the road for even greater efficiencies and functionality.  


We care about your computer and information team, we handle these services always providing the best service.   Repair in computer equipment with or without backup. Corrective and preventive maintenance. 

AM Copiers, Inc. is also a Lenovo and ViewSonic authorized provider to provide you with reliable computer technology.